For a Sustainable Fashion Studio class at CCA, I re-examined the definition of luxury. What does luxury mean to you?

Rather than an expensive designer purse made under poor labor conditions in a factory somewhere, for those I interviewed, luxury brought to mind concepts such as warmth, comfort, softness, shelter, and relaxation. As a contrast to an overpriced handbag I came up with the ULI: the Ultimate Luxury Item.

The ULI is hand made from the softest velvety “minky” fabric and is a scarf, blanket, hood, and spa all in one. It envelops the wearer in warmth and has internal pockets to hold sachets of dried rose, lavender, peppermint, and one dry rice sachet that can be heated in the microwave for extra warmth.

When worn wrapped over the shoulders as shown, the aromatherapy sachets are located front and center for maximum effect. The internal pockets can also be used to tuck in your hands. The ULI is hand embroidered like a quilt, with rows of squares running the entire length.