I designed the Guide to Recycling Task Chairs as part of my Graduate Thesis, to encourage facility managers to consider buying used chairs, to prioritize design for disassembly and recycle-ability in new chairs, to keep existing chairs longer, and finally to donate or sell old chairs rather than relegating them to landfills.

These behaviors can drastically reduce the number of chairs sent to landfill every year. Given the current infrastructure, it is feasible to donate or sell used furniture, provided the cost and time to coordinate the sale/donation are included in the schedule and budget for the new furniture project. In the brochure I encourage readers not to relegate disposal to an afterthought.

For this project I completed extensive design research, composed all text, sourced and manipulated images, and printed, trimmed and folded the final brochures.

Click here to view the trifold brochure file as a PDF