Siteline was a temporary, site-specific guerrilla exhibition along San Francisco's waterfront. Following the existing line in glass of Vito Acconci's Promenade Ribbon Project of the 1990's, Siteline ran along the Embarcadero between Bay and Green Streets, a stretch with heavy foot traffic and many tourists. The exhibition highlighted the waterfront as a border between land and sea and as a marker for technological change and urban renewal. Siteline relied on resourceful use of inexpensive materials such as tape, inkjet prints, sound recordings, made and repurposed objects, and video projection to quickly communicate stories of the waterfront's history.

Siteline was a collaboration with Rachel Gepner, Jana Willinger, and Rosanna Yau.



Poster along route  

Tape signage along route  

Sound installation combined traffic and water sounds

Boundary:  Text at sound installation

Waterfront progress 1:  Acrylic box, water, tape, inkjet

Waterfront progress 2: Acrylic, stone, paint, tape, inkjet

Waterfront progress 3: Acrylic, tech parts, tape, inkjet

Boxes after dark  

Video installation, projected from car onto building

Video installation, looped SF film  clips. Shown: Dirty Harry

Video installation, looped SF film  clips. Shown: Fearless